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Bishop Elzie W. Young

God's precious blessings were upon Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church (GBTAC) from the very beginning. He smiled upon this great congregation in that he allowed a great man, Bishop Elzie W. Young to "Catch the Vision" and realize a dream. With only four members (including himself), Bishop Young founded GBTAC in 1950. Through divine instruction and unprecedented notoriety, God blessed Bishop Young with an Apostolic platform in the heart of the city and abroad (he was the only Bishop of the PCAF organization to serve a life term as Presiding Prelate). The church quickly grew to a membership of over 800 and this vibrant ministry became known as a saving station. Bishop Young's great influence and heart for God's people established GBTAC as an anchor that could not be removed.


Bishop Johnnie L. Johnson

Upon Bishop Young's transition to his heavenly home, Bishop Johnnie L. Johnson received the mantle of Pastorate in February, 1990. Bishop Johnson caught the vision and with his dynamic teaching and preaching, he led God's people to an attractive new facility. The church relocated from 12th and Elm Streets, downtown Cincinnati to 4781 Hamilton Avenue. While anchored in it's new home, GBTAC continued to grow, and under Bishop Johnson's leadership, established several church businesses, including the Bethlehem Temple Learning Center (later renamed J.L. Johnson Learning Center). Bishop Johnson dreamed of expansion and put the wheels into motion for a new edifice to be constructed. In March, 2005, after the onset of groundbreaking, that God called Bishop Johnson from labor to rest.


BishopJames Chapman

Bishop James Chapman served under Bishop Young as a spiritual son and young minister, and under Bishop Johnson as his Assistant Pastor. On May 13, 2005, Bishop Chapman was installed as Pastor, having received the mantle. Under his anointed leadership, GBTAC has carried the vision on to finish building the new edifice. GBTAC rallied together and in just one short year, saw the completion of the new sanctuary in April, 2006. The beautiful domed shaped edifice seats 3000 and is home to many ministries, support groups and outreach programs, including the A. Morton Food Pantry. God has favored GBTAC and…"Having therefore obtained help of God, we continue unto this day."

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