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Family Ministries

Men's Ministry

Bishop James Chapman, Director

Women's Ministry
Lady Robin Chapman, Director

Youth/Young Adult Ministry
Sister DeAsa Bryant, Director
Elder Dante Flanigan, Youth Past

Christian Education
Minister Kim Johnson, Director

Elder Hadrian Welch, Assistant Director

Marriage Ministry

Deacon Donnie and Minister Kim Johnson, Directors

Deacon Kevin and Sister Janet Shelton, Assistant Directors

Worship Arts/Music
Liturgical Dance Ministry
Sister Amy Miller, Director

Sister Teraie Deloach, Assistant Director

Mime Ministry
Brother Donavan Kinney, Director

Music Ministry
Sister Lisa Sanders, Minister of Music

Outreach Ministries
Food Pantry
Sister Stephanie
McNear, Director of Community Outreach

Evangelist Barbara Brown, Director

Elder Reggie Thomas, Assistant Director

Prison Ministry
Elder Reggie Thomas, Director

Elder Ernest Erkins

Support Ministries

Elder Hadrian Welch, Director
Sister F
rancine Harris, Assistant Director

Trustee Dawanda Stallworth, Director

Mother’s Board
Mother Shirley Reid, Director
Mother Carolyn McNear, Assistant Director

Elder Hadrian Welch, Director
Sister Mushay Davis, Assistant Director
Trustee W
alter Murphy, Assistant Director

e Christopher Myers, Director

Deacon/Trustee Lee Wells

Shepherd Keepers
Minister Lavon Lockett, Director

Sister Amy Miller


Deaconess/Trustee Janelle Winford, Director

Trustee Linda Weaver, Assistant Director

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